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12.10.17 16:04 from admin

Dear WEX users!

After the news about Segwit2x's proposal for Bitcoin's hard fork, the crypto currency platform declares that it will not support the division of Bitcoin's crypto currency into competing chains - new trading pairs will not appear.
The management of the exchange considers the results of this division to be questionable both for trades and for the crypto-currency system as a whole.
During the hard fork trade on the platform will not be interrupted and will work in the regular mode.

Sincerely, WEX Team
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iiiohsen: common bch... ooowf

dreamtrove: carlt333, brain eating bacteria

hartlesh: nmc predictions for say 6 months?

salimkhan215: hartlesh, $60

silverspoon: Whats going on with OKCoin?

carlt333: dreamtrove, Really?

psychotherapist: i downloaded trade history from few major and minor exchanges, did some test and math, and you know what? any trade strategy besides LUCK N' INSIDE is worse then HODL. damn life sucks hard :D

dreamtrove: carlt333, yeah sucks

dreamtrove: i'm callign first stall ere

dreamtrove: here btc

dreamtrove: I called it earlier actually obviously otherwise it's not that useful

dreamtrove: but anyway still elliot 30km

dreamtrove: 30k

salimkhan215: yeah hold is best strategy

carlt333: dreamtrove, wow man, I hope to fuck you are ok, How the hell does that even happen?

dreamtrove: psychotherapist, not strictly speaking true but that's how to play it

sdegabriele: psychotherapist. i'm reading that's just the way it is! nobody can predict a market! weird right!? buy frequently in small batches, and you win.

dreamtrove: carlt333, food poisoning, bad chicken at a restaurant.

ibet: chikun going for next perch, 250+ new year or moon

thanhluan083: nmc up up

dreamtrove: I was a vegetarian the chicken was added to my salad, oh the irony.

ibet: oops i meant 500

dreamtrove: more iorny it didn't com with chicken, the girl added it free to be nice.

dreamtrove: can't win

dreamtrove: now i'm blind in my minds eye, blind in dreams, losing my hearing, eyesight, trouble thinking straight.

hartlesh: salimkhan - why not 1500 or so like bah dsh

salimkhan215: hartlesh, i am being conservative

dreamtrove: I blame obama, his was on antibiotics, getting antibiotics off the farms, that's plague farming, the malthusian motherfucker

dreamtrove: dash moon i see

hartlesh: Since crypto is getting big again like it was back a few years ago, newbs will be buying the cheap coin for greatest value and send value high right?

dreamtrove: that's going to turn major when this btc rally ends. when we hit 30k it's going to be everything moon

hartlesh: just a thought I suppose - and I tend to sway conservative as well

dreamtrove: gotta jump to whatever is most fomo hodl. bth, dash, ltc, plays for monday after tomorrows 50% moon on btc.

mmogaming4life: bch recover?

salimkhan215: hartlesh, $1500 NMC is the highest prediction I have ever heard

psychotherapist: dreamtrove, obamacare in action

dreamtrove: hartlesh, noobs won't really moon a coin because they don't represent a lot of buying power

dreamtrove: psychotherapist, obamacare, god. it took my insurance. if it wasn't for obamacare i would have been treat on point of service, but instead i have this stupid HMO

dreamtrove: you can keep your plan you can keep your doctor, no, you can't

hartlesh: dreamtrove - probably true, trying to think forward. I hate myself for selling off when shit took a fan a few years back, I'd have 300k plus at this point in ltc

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