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12.10.17 16:04 from admin

Dear WEX users!

After the news about Segwit2x's proposal for Bitcoin's hard fork, the crypto currency platform declares that it will not support the division of Bitcoin's crypto currency into competing chains - new trading pairs will not appear.
The management of the exchange considers the results of this division to be questionable both for trades and for the crypto-currency system as a whole.
During the hard fork trade on the platform will not be interrupted and will work in the regular mode.

Sincerely, WEX Team
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sdegabriele: i heard docking can be fun.

monkeymaker: i better scroll thru thsis box to make sure i dont miss anything important....

monkeymaker: *1 second later* ... no

monkeymaker: all nonsense

monkeymaker: "Docking" is a homosex activity

roller56cx: guys top fighting.. here see the graphic of new universe

monkeymaker: one of the less vile

roller56cx: *stop

monkeymaker: *** Top Fighting ***

shortyz: danger zone

monkeymaker: kung fu va WWE

monkeymaker: WWE would rekt kung fu

shortyz: google "space docking"

monkeymaker: some steroid premadonna would kish shit out of bruce lee

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smtddr: ........

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Darkoofthedark: ok im going to leave now

azarashi: ew

shortyz: gland end

monkeymaker: nah man.. its full dick down the piss-hile

markanthonyex: Ltc is ghey

Darkoofthedark: because i dont want to read that shit

monkeymaker: *hole

Carpediem: monkeymaker, ltc or eth?

shortyz: Darkoofthedark, haiiiiiii

sdegabriele: it's over now

monkeymaker: Carpediem, duh.. eth

markanthonyex: Ltc needs Xanax

monkeymaker: ltc is a does dick docking with a vole

Carpediem: monkeymaker, lol

azarashi: it's actually funny how butseks is frowned upon but is totally OK when it's done with a girl

Carpediem: lmao

monkeymaker: yes gut girls are clean and pretty

illuminatedk: safsf

monkeymaker: men are fould and disgusting

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shortyz: i drew a picture on whiteboard

azarashi: girls obviously never shit anally

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