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12.10.17 16:04 from admin

Dear WEX users!

After the news about Segwit2x's proposal for Bitcoin's hard fork, the crypto currency platform declares that it will not support the division of Bitcoin's crypto currency into competing chains - new trading pairs will not appear.
The management of the exchange considers the results of this division to be questionable both for trades and for the crypto-currency system as a whole.
During the hard fork trade on the platform will not be interrupted and will work in the regular mode.

Sincerely, WEX Team
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smtddr: as if it's normal

azarashi: they just bought couple sellwalls each 2800+ tethers strong

gotanproject: right now cashout is at 20% :(

azarashi: bought both in single orders

smtddr: don't forget people, if wex suddenly fixes this stuff... usdt will snap back to 1:1 ratio and you are ----dooomed----

gotanproject: their bots are already programmed for that

gotanproject: that is easy peasy

azarashi: there will be NO sudden fix

nak333: smtddr, +1

smtddr: as if getting into crypto wasn't risky enough on a normal exchange, if you're gonna gamble even harder... at least play with coins that have a chance of reaching the 3x price you see here now

smtddr: like buying LTC here at 79 isn't.... too unreasonable

azarashi: LTC will surpass $1K soon so why even worry

smtddr: heh, okay... well if that's true then that's great :D

Joltflame: LTC will perform a high around 400 dollars

azarashi: now our task is to make USDT surpass $10

smtddr: ^ don't participate in this

smtddr: :D

azarashi: hay it's totally profitable

smtddr: other coins at least have some speculation and market stuff... usdt's value is absoluteluy known to be... $1 each :D

azarashi: moreover you will have a nice and true story to tell your kids/grandkids

smtddr: o.o

azarashi: "how I bought/sold $1 coins for $10"

smtddr: or....

azarashi: make sure you screenshot

smtddr: "how your mother left me & why I'm in the homeless shelter"

smtddr: :D

azarashi: shrugs

smtddr: but I like your version better :)

azarashi: if she left so be it

smtddr: o.o

azarashi: t(._.t)

smtddr: :(

azarashi: I'm actually thinking of depositing USDTs and exchanging for LTCs. Will get x4 LTCs instantly

azarashi: whats not to like

azarashi: and when you ever get such chance again

MrFusion: it's not 4x I think

azarashi: x3.9 is fine too

MrFusion: you forget ltc price is way to high at wex

azarashi: yeah well fvck that

azarashi: we will laugh at this price in the next year or even sooner

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