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12.10.17 16:04 from admin

Dear WEX users!

After the news about Segwit2x's proposal for Bitcoin's hard fork, the crypto currency platform declares that it will not support the division of Bitcoin's crypto currency into competing chains - new trading pairs will not appear.
The management of the exchange considers the results of this division to be questionable both for trades and for the crypto-currency system as a whole.
During the hard fork trade on the platform will not be interrupted and will work in the regular mode.

Sincerely, WEX Team
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monkeymaker: accident are the fault of dissenters

monkeymaker: and raycists

rcgenie: they can't help it if their seats are facing backwards

rcgenie: not everyone can be forward looking, but everyone gets a wheel

shortyz: fuck yo couch

kneedrag: +100

nak333: hello guys! is this story true? "four miners in China control more than 50 percent of Bitcoin"

monkeymaker: *false*

monkeymaker: Bitcoin is hacked and a group of 5 teenage larpers control it via a backdoor

monkeymaker: Madistone in Kent, their address is 67 Flaps Ally, Slapton, Maidstone, Kent, Uk, Earth

monkeymaker: please do NOT let this info out

monkeymaker: otherwise price will carsh

nak333: okay ;-)

monkeymaker: hay who's the fancy writing guy on WB?

monkeymaker: thats some hella fine mouse control

jar: GoLions09!

allpurposeflower: This market is as side ways as mah dick am i rite?!?!

CaptainClaw: 20 messages in 5 hours, trollbox sure seems alive

CaptainClaw: actually just realised something

CaptainClaw: trollbox only alive around GMT/european time, now US users are essentially blocked

Darkoofthedark: Lol "blocked"

ant1dote: ya blocked

ShadyHollowFarms: why is volume so low in trading?

pewuen: i would just buy EXCL now

pewuen: cheap as hell on bit trex

allpurposeflower: Buy Pen15

allpurposeflower: on

smtddr: ShadyHollowFarms, people are realizing that cryptocoins are a scam

ShadyHollowFarms: smtddr, How is it more of a scam than fiat?

rcgenie: pen15.bird

dreamtrove: fait is a scam

dreamtrove: it's fake fiat

ShadyHollowFarms: why are you people here if it is fake?

Darkoofthedark: they're either lying or they like wasting their own time and everyone else's

Darkoofthedark: one or the other

Darkoofthedark: there is no 3rd option

Darkoofthedark: often people who spread disinformation like to pretend they are doing it to help people, even though it's never really the case

Darkoofthedark: they are actually doing it to look virtuous in their own eyes or to deliberately deceive

Darkoofthedark: ie: waste everyone's time

pewuen: EXCL on bittrewx buy now thank me later

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