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12.10.17 16:04 from admin

Dear WEX users!

After the news about Segwit2x's proposal for Bitcoin's hard fork, the crypto currency platform declares that it will not support the division of Bitcoin's crypto currency into competing chains - new trading pairs will not appear.
The management of the exchange considers the results of this division to be questionable both for trades and for the crypto-currency system as a whole.
During the hard fork trade on the platform will not be interrupted and will work in the regular mode.

Sincerely, WEX Team
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ltchope: lol

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ltchope: dollarpaying, a little down and up

AkinyeliZ: mornings pumps or dumpps ? lol

shortyz: nothing

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ElBastardo: according to kryptoG big buy wall on bifi, quick sell

daytalus: I thought for sure it would go either up or down haha

daytalus: I think it's kind of bullish to be frozen here, since we just broke out of a channel we'd held steady on for 3 weeks, we're just below it now but no panic

kidhot123: AkinyeliZ, you will sell on 8k

daytalus: You think it's going to 8k?

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dollarpaying: ltchope, ok

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