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After launching, we think that it is possible to talk a little more about tokens of our platform and close numerous questions of our users related to them.

The question that worries everyone is the tokens that users received. "What is it? What is it made of? What is its future?! "

1 WEX received the digital assets of BTC-E, but not the fiat balances!
2 WEX did not buy or accept any financial obligations from ex-BTC-E.
3 WEX received a user database.
4 We call those tokens a bonus now, but legally it's called Option.
5 Our lawyers are working on the wording of what a token is in the correct form, so that no one has any complaints against us.
6 Token, was invented by us, with the understanding that YOU got the opportunity, to get more in the future.

Earlier it was reported that the conversion will occur in the ratio of 55% (balances) and 45% (tokens). At the launch date, the ratio of 61.79% (Fiat and crypto) and 38.21% (tokens) became possible.

How did these tokens appear on my balance?
We received digital balances and user profiles under our management.

These tokens / options are made for future compensation of your lost fiat balances. They are created according to the calculation:
100% of crypto in 61.79%
100% of Fiat (our company did not have and does not have access to it) in 38.21% of tokens.

Are tokens equal to bitcoins?
Bitcoin token is not bitcoin and does not have any of its qualities and properties. Tokens of other crypto-currencies also do not have the corresponding qualities and properties of the corresponding crypto-currencies.

Can I sell the tokens? Can I buy tokens?
Trades for tokens are open and available at
There are no restrictions on trade in the tokens.

Why is the price of tokens lower than nominal?
This is due to the fact that some users want to sell their tokens by a market price and convert it into the funds that can be used to withdraw or trade in other pairs, and the market, knowing that these tokens / options will eventually be redeemed in a 1: 1 ratio, offers a lower price.

Where are the tokens traded?
They are traded only on our platform, following this link -

Can I transfer tokens to another platform user?
We plan to introduce wex-codes for tokens until 30.12.17.

At what price and how will the tokens be redeemed?

Tokens / Options will be redeemed in the following ways:

1 According to the market from the funds earned from commissions of the platform, in the following format (daily, weekly, monthly).
2 According to the market from the funds attracted from investment funds and companies.
3 The final redemption (the date of redemption will be determined during the fulfillment of points 1 and 2) is the redemption of tokens by the nominal value that remain in the users accounts.

When will all the tokens be paid off?
We plan to buy out 100% of tokens in 1-2 years

Each user who owns tokens / options will receive a detailed description and payment scheme in the personal account after creating a legal support (verification).

We are obliged to inform you about them!

Of course this project has a lot of risks. From legal to operational!
We created a financial company and work with different law offices.
We also plan to insure your money on client accounts in banks and prevent the situation that happened with BTCE from repeating.
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poorsafarahmad: poor nmc

poorsafarahmad: feds are responsible for nmc down

birdy209: How so?

birdy209: The BTCe snafu?

poorsafarahmad: yup

birdy209: everyones tradable nmc got cut in half by tokens.

Krex82022: guys theres a new coin called dergins lets all start investing in more dergins - I got dergins

Ferdous: Did you not own nmc ppc nvc?

birdy209: No results found for


Krex82022: no i own dergin coins now

rasmus86: nmc ppc are doomed, they even dont seem to pump to 1.4.

Ferdous: rasmus86, then seel them quick....if you already own

Ferdous: Sale them

rasmus86: well, I take advantage of their low value, so as I don't rely on their growth I won't sell them.

pattycoin: ppc really cheap buy some dont sell until over $3

spikeuk32: ppc ppc ppc pppc

rasmus86: spikeuk32, what about ppc?

poorsafarahmad: XLM pattern much more promissing than XRP,

adibandi: nmc 24 $ december

rasmus86: 24? lol

pattycoin: ppc to $5 new all time high

adibandi: yes double ex ath

rasmus86: I am not sure even if it would get to 2.4

pattycoin: i always thought litecoin would never go past $4

adibandi: don't be sure then :) but will suck not to have some to sell at 24

poorsafarahmad: XRPBTC expect drop from 75xx

birdy209: nmc to 24 and i'll bankrupt wex with my withdraw

adibandi: nmc went fro 2 to 10 in a few hours in 2013

pattycoin: but seriously ppc is super cheap everyone who is selling coins at this price would be selling at a loss

rasmus86: adibandi, I dont have nmc and ppc, because thanks to their low value they are like free money

rasmus86: I mean I do

rasmus86: oops

pattycoin: iv seen ppc candles 180k ppc volume

pattycoin: every dollar it goes up you double your investment

birdy209: poorsafarahmad, so close ripple position before btc 7500?

poorsafarahmad: yes

birdy209: I'll pass that along to my bot.

poorsafarahmad: lol

rasmus86: in case it is not clear why I say they are like free money, right now their rate to btc 0.00021 and 0.00020, 0.00021/0.00020 is 1.05, that means 5%, minus transaction fee, so each time I sell for 0.00021 and buy for 0.00020, I have 4.8% more in my wallets.

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