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WEX. Rising.

15.09.17 12:29 from admin

Dear users!

Team of WEX is glad to welcome you on our new platform!

This is our first official announcement!

We thank all ex-users of BTC-E for their patience at such a difficult moment for all of you guys. We on our part have spent a lot of efforts and energy to create a new platform for trade in the shortest time limits. Our platform will operate according to AML/KYC laws and world legislation in this field. You can find all the detailed information here

We would also like to thank the technical team of btc-e for their professional help of transferring digital profiles and data of users and also want to emphasize that our company did not cooperate with BTC-E Always Efficient LLP in any way and did not receive their funds.
General information explaining the state of things will be posted regularly on our news channel. Every individual case will be revised by the support and all the confidential and private questions will be answered in the personal account.

We will try to answer the most popular questions here and add new updates regularly, because our platform is developing quickly and new services and functions are added on a constant basis.

But for transfer of balances, bonus crypto-tokens will be credited to every user account 61.79/38.21 (%), that can be traded and used through wex-code. You can find more detailed information here:

Our platform will work in a test mode for general security reasons, to test how all blocks work. Daily limits will be set for withdrawal (you can find information about them in your account), they will be removed in future. Test mode will be enabled from 3 to 7 working days. After this period is over, the platform will work without limits, thank you for your kind understanding.

A cooperation agreement has been signed with a network of verified exchange services (agents), that will give us a possibility to withdraw and deposit USD/EUR/RUR with minimal fees applied, in a way comfortable for you in different parts of the world.
The list of official partners working with us today:

The list of methods of deposit/withdrawal of WEX-code available through the network of agents/partners.

Yandex money
You can change sums less than 10 000 USD through exchanges, bigger sums should be changed through VIP service on
Sepa/Swift from 20 000 USD VIP service, less agent exchanges.

Privat 24

Also about 20 exchanges are under verification now
If you want to become our trusted exchange-partner, please leave a request here. (

Due to a large demand among our customers, we are launching a VIP section for trade of large quantities of cryptocurrency. If you want to deposit/withdraw more than 100k USD, please send us a message and our manager will tell you about the best conditions on the market. Our exchange will be a garant in the deal, automatic escrow service will be available in the near future.

Due to the development of our platform and related projects, we regularly receive requests for IT development of blockchain solutions from our partners. That is why if you are a specialist and professional in this field, we will be glad to see you in our team. You can send your resume or a cover letter here:

Now we are conducting an active development of the following directions:
investments, trading, arbitrage, consulting, mining, ico, exposure of pyramids. Please follow the news to know more about those branches.
We are always ready for cooperation and if you can offer us a partnership or advice us some professionals from this field, we will gladly listen to you.
We believe tah blockchain will change the future, will become an alternative of the existing corrupted finance system and that it will unite people under noble economic goals.

Thank you, that you believed in us. Thank you that you are with us.

With respect, WEX team.
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ltchope: lol

Kryptographic: tell me tomorrow

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ElBastardo: you make me eager to sell more

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dollarpaying: ltchope, bch go up or down ?

ltchope: dollarpaying, a little down and up

AkinyeliZ: mornings pumps or dumpps ? lol

shortyz: nothing

AkinyeliZ: miss 9k7 sell shiiiiiiiiittt

ElBastardo: according to kryptoG big buy wall on bifi, quick sell

daytalus: I thought for sure it would go either up or down haha

daytalus: I think it's kind of bullish to be frozen here, since we just broke out of a channel we'd held steady on for 3 weeks, we're just below it now but no panic

kidhot123: AkinyeliZ, you will sell on 8k

daytalus: You think it's going to 8k?

AkinyeliZ: kidhot123, no no ^^

kidhot123: i see all fallen now

asckone: common i have money let me be part of making money moars

dollarpaying: ltchope, ok

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