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melockecoins: bet you a soda pop its 13 566 in minutes

ShepardSkywalker: Bitcooooneeeect!!!

beegemyster: % days are upon the horizon

melockecoins: that aint a doji, its a match near a gas puddle

melockecoins: 13200 will seduce some. 13556 will suck in the rest and we have lift off

hoangvuktvn: nmc over $12

sdegabriele: btc is doing that thing it always does.

melockecoins: FOMO button engaging

calholli: this dump is gonna hurt some feelings

melockecoins: calholli, calhoon il bet you my dentures this reload and repop hurts your eyes

scottyw61: calholli, this pump will snap your bear neck

sdegabriele: you haters gonna keep hating all the way to 500k btc.

99Gain: Btc will be on next G20 so it go more than 20K

melockecoins: yes sell now lol

calholli: hodl

kmettke: 99Gain, yeah with new regulation rules.

calholli: I've held since $100.. why sell now

sdegabriele: btc also in going to be traded in japan banks, gold man sachs is opening a crypto exchange, lightning. it's going to be glorious

99Gain: regulation help to be more popular

jukebox2: it was designed to go to 1 mil

sdegabriele: at some point after 100k we'll just stop comparing to usd

melockecoins: my nose is running non fakn stop

scottyw61: this is just the start of the pump, it will last all weekend

scottyw61: hodl

calholli: I have to give my lawyer a btc.. smh..... I don't even think he is gonna hodl it.

sdegabriele: then why give

liquiddrool: how can you start collecting dividends on your btc?

calholli: I don't have the cash.. he's trying to take my house for not paying him lol

sdegabriele: liquiddrool, lend them out on bitfinex.

melockecoins: liquiddrool, drop acid

calholli: you can lend on poloniex also

sdegabriele: calholli, tell him he gets paid when he makes you money.

liquiddrool: ty will check it out

cjphil: I heard you can make money by buying BitConnect

cjphil: Maybe try that

melockecoins: liquiddrool, best name ever +1000

Vicarious1: Bitconnect is a true Ponzi

sdegabriele: liquiddrool, then you just sell the 'interest' your btc earns. that's probably the easiest way.

Vicarious1: so yeah, definitely can make money

melockecoins: bernie madoff coin is hot. he invented alts

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