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poorsafarahmad: 5 active

BrokenBad: PinkCoin is gonna grow like crazy. Good staking rewards. I get about $25/week with 250k

poorsafarahmad: on 3 monitors

poorsafarahmad: XRP under 0.19 add ok

BrokenBad: If Tone Vays doesn't like it, buy it

binhminh5381: sad NMC :(

poorsafarahmad: poor nmc

poorsafarahmad: feds are responsible for nmc down

birdy209: How so?

birdy209: The BTCe snafu?

poorsafarahmad: yup

birdy209: everyones tradable nmc got cut in half by tokens.

Krex82022: guys theres a new coin called dergins lets all start investing in more dergins - I got dergins

Ferdous: Did you not own nmc ppc nvc?

birdy209: No results found for


Krex82022: no i own dergin coins now

rasmus86: nmc ppc are doomed, they even dont seem to pump to 1.4.

Ferdous: rasmus86, then seel them quick....if you already own

Ferdous: Sale them

rasmus86: well, I take advantage of their low value, so as I don't rely on their growth I won't sell them.

pattycoin: ppc really cheap buy some dont sell until over $3

spikeuk32: ppc ppc ppc pppc

rasmus86: spikeuk32, what about ppc?

poorsafarahmad: XLM pattern much more promissing than XRP,

adibandi: nmc 24 $ december

rasmus86: 24? lol

pattycoin: ppc to $5 new all time high

adibandi: yes double ex ath

rasmus86: I am not sure even if it would get to 2.4

pattycoin: i always thought litecoin would never go past $4

adibandi: don't be sure then :) but will suck not to have some to sell at 24

poorsafarahmad: XRPBTC expect drop from 75xx

birdy209: nmc to 24 and i'll bankrupt wex with my withdraw

adibandi: nmc went fro 2 to 10 in a few hours in 2013

pattycoin: but seriously ppc is super cheap everyone who is selling coins at this price would be selling at a loss

rasmus86: adibandi, I dont have nmc and ppc, because thanks to their low value they are like free money

rasmus86: I mean I do

rasmus86: oops

pattycoin: iv seen ppc candles 180k ppc volume

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