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ltchope: bed

ElBastardo: was there ever a post with ! that was a good advice?

ltchope: lol

Kryptographic: tell me tomorrow

Kryptographic: get in!

Kryptographic: super cheap deals!

Kryptographic: fire sale stipid noobs!

ElBastardo: you make me eager to sell more

ElBastardo: imagine I could sell you more cheap coins

Kryptographic: bounce!

Kryptographic: baby!

Kryptographic: get some!

Kryptographic: but the bottom

Kryptographic: buy*

Kryptographic: dont think1

Kryptographic: buy!

Kryptographic: get some cheap!

Kryptographic: naow!

Kryptographic: get in!

Kryptographic: panic buy!

Kryptographic: time to panic

Kryptographic: prices are rising!

Kryptographic: wa hoooo!

ElBastardo: just sell if you are not confortable with your position

Kryptographic: sell to me

ElBastardo: IAren't you all-in. You are really confusing

dollarpaying: ltchope, bch go up or down ?

ltchope: dollarpaying, a little down and up

AkinyeliZ: mornings pumps or dumpps ? lol

shortyz: nothing

AkinyeliZ: miss 9k7 sell shiiiiiiiiittt

ElBastardo: according to kryptoG big buy wall on bifi, quick sell

daytalus: I thought for sure it would go either up or down haha

daytalus: I think it's kind of bullish to be frozen here, since we just broke out of a channel we'd held steady on for 3 weeks, we're just below it now but no panic

kidhot123: AkinyeliZ, you will sell on 8k

daytalus: You think it's going to 8k?

AkinyeliZ: kidhot123, no no ^^

kidhot123: i see all fallen now

asckone: common i have money let me be part of making money moars

dollarpaying: ltchope, ok

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