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monkeymaker: accident are the fault of dissenters

monkeymaker: and raycists

rcgenie: they can't help it if their seats are facing backwards

rcgenie: not everyone can be forward looking, but everyone gets a wheel

shortyz: fuck yo couch

kneedrag: +100

nak333: hello guys! is this story true? "four miners in China control more than 50 percent of Bitcoin"

monkeymaker: *false*

monkeymaker: Bitcoin is hacked and a group of 5 teenage larpers control it via a backdoor

monkeymaker: Madistone in Kent, their address is 67 Flaps Ally, Slapton, Maidstone, Kent, Uk, Earth

monkeymaker: please do NOT let this info out

monkeymaker: otherwise price will carsh

nak333: okay ;-)

monkeymaker: hay who's the fancy writing guy on WB?

monkeymaker: thats some hella fine mouse control

jar: GoLions09!

allpurposeflower: This market is as side ways as mah dick am i rite?!?!

CaptainClaw: 20 messages in 5 hours, trollbox sure seems alive

CaptainClaw: actually just realised something

CaptainClaw: trollbox only alive around GMT/european time, now US users are essentially blocked

Darkoofthedark: Lol "blocked"

ant1dote: ya blocked

ShadyHollowFarms: why is volume so low in trading?

pewuen: i would just buy EXCL now

pewuen: cheap as hell on bit trex

allpurposeflower: Buy Pen15

allpurposeflower: on

smtddr: ShadyHollowFarms, people are realizing that cryptocoins are a scam

ShadyHollowFarms: smtddr, How is it more of a scam than fiat?

rcgenie: pen15.bird

dreamtrove: fait is a scam

dreamtrove: it's fake fiat

ShadyHollowFarms: why are you people here if it is fake?

Darkoofthedark: they're either lying or they like wasting their own time and everyone else's

Darkoofthedark: one or the other

Darkoofthedark: there is no 3rd option

Darkoofthedark: often people who spread disinformation like to pretend they are doing it to help people, even though it's never really the case

Darkoofthedark: they are actually doing it to look virtuous in their own eyes or to deliberately deceive

Darkoofthedark: ie: waste everyone's time

pewuen: EXCL on bittrewx buy now thank me later

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