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Users in the ignore-list:


azarashi: they just bought couple sellwalls each 2800+ tethers strong

gotanproject: right now cashout is at 20% :(

azarashi: bought both in single orders

smtddr: don't forget people, if wex suddenly fixes this stuff... usdt will snap back to 1:1 ratio and you are ----dooomed----

gotanproject: their bots are already programmed for that

gotanproject: that is easy peasy

azarashi: there will be NO sudden fix

nak333: smtddr, +1

smtddr: as if getting into crypto wasn't risky enough on a normal exchange, if you're gonna gamble even harder... at least play with coins that have a chance of reaching the 3x price you see here now

smtddr: like buying LTC here at 79 isn't.... too unreasonable

azarashi: LTC will surpass $1K soon so why even worry

smtddr: heh, okay... well if that's true then that's great :D

Joltflame: LTC will perform a high around 400 dollars

azarashi: now our task is to make USDT surpass $10

smtddr: ^ don't participate in this

smtddr: :D

azarashi: hay it's totally profitable

smtddr: other coins at least have some speculation and market stuff... usdt's value is absoluteluy known to be... $1 each :D

azarashi: moreover you will have a nice and true story to tell your kids/grandkids

smtddr: o.o

azarashi: "how I bought/sold $1 coins for $10"

smtddr: or....

azarashi: make sure you screenshot

smtddr: "how your mother left me & why I'm in the homeless shelter"

smtddr: :D

azarashi: shrugs

smtddr: but I like your version better :)

azarashi: if she left so be it

smtddr: o.o

azarashi: t(._.t)

smtddr: :(

azarashi: I'm actually thinking of depositing USDTs and exchanging for LTCs. Will get x4 LTCs instantly

azarashi: whats not to like

azarashi: and when you ever get such chance again

MrFusion: it's not 4x I think

azarashi: x3.9 is fine too

MrFusion: you forget ltc price is way to high at wex

azarashi: yeah well fvck that

azarashi: we will laugh at this price in the next year or even sooner

MrFusion: so it's more like 2.7

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