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shortyz: bitcorn

Gilson13: Ol pessoal

melockecoins: loss is greatest when it goes unrealized, see the light. You get nothing

Gilson13: Alguem me ajude por favor.

Gilson13: Saquei xmr e usdt

Gilson13: no sai a dois dias

Kryptographic: here comes the moon here comes the moon, hey, here comes the moon

Gilson13: o que est acontecendo aqui?

Kryptographic: we got the moon we got the moon, hey, we got the moon

RedruMZ: is there any way we can withdraw our funds?

shortyz: RedruMZ, tether and zec are functioning properly, have a nice day

Gilson13: negativo

shortyz: theres a slight markup on them

Gilson13: xmr e usdt?

shortyz: i dont speak mexican sorry

Gilson13: brasil

shortyz: same thing

shortyz: both stupid languages

Gilson13: entao outro responde

Kryptographic: to da moon I say!

RedruMZ: first buy zec then withdraw zec

shortyz: most people from brazil have an IQ of a jellybean

Kryptographic: but they can all dance

Gilson13: no te perguntei isso

shortyz: oh ya, dancing solves problems i forgot

Gilson13: rsss

Gilson13: preciso de ajuda!

Kryptographic: they can bottle dance

Kryptographic: lol

shortyz: sir, we do not speak stupid. use english

RedruMZ: shortyz plz explain

shortyz: explain what

Kryptographic: BCH must inflect to 533

Gilson13: monero and usdt

Kryptographic: this impulse now

Kryptographic: tether dumping?

Gilson13: It's not coming in my wallet at brasiliex.

shortyz: everyone sending tether to kraken for usd

Kryptographic: oh mur gawd

shortyz: Gilson13, your money is gone, have a nice day

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